Beyond the Box Business Growth Tools from HDANYWHERE


We want your home technology business to unleash its potential for growth with the best support we can offer. Whether you’re a small startup or large team of seasoned professionals, HDANYWHERE wants to help. This guide introduces our ‘Beyond The Box’ business support programme - a selection of value-add tools, free and exclusive to HDA Pros, designed to help grow your business. Ranging from innovative tech tools that save time and money, to powerful sales and marketing support to help find more customers, overcome objections and win more business, HDA provides much more than just the matrix. We hope you find something valuable to your business in the pages that follow. Leverage the tools to earn more. Happy installing.


Chris Pinder, Founder

Tool #1
Marketing & Branding Assistance

The HDA marketing team is happy to provide branding assistance and help create designs for HDA Pro’s promotional purposes.


Shows & Exhibitions We can provide loan equipment and marketing materials (sometimes even staff) to help support HDA Pros at shows. Grand Designs, Homebuild & Renovation.


WIN-THE-WRAP! Every quarter, completely free of charge, an active HDA PRO will be selected at random to win a custom vehicle wrap for your company car. The HDA marketing team will also provide the lucky winner with design support to make sure they get the most business benefit possible from their design.

Tool #2
WE will generate leads for you

The HDA Installer Network offers a platform through which you can market your company,  services and  past projects directly to end-users living within thirty miles of your business.

Being part of the Installer Network makes you more visible to individuals actively seeking to have a HDANYWHERE™ whole-home AV system installed.

“We have been listed on the Installer Network for about a year now, it is a great online tool for the end user to find a reputable dealer and another way of profiling our business. At least three projects last year came about as a direct result of being listed. Enquiries are all local because of the search so we can always access clients requirements quickly”

Gifford Malcolm, Director, Bespoke Home Cinemas

Tool #3
Reduce service calls

CloudRMS is a secure portal for professionals to remotely monitor manage all HDANYWHERE installations across multiple client sites. Power-cycling and rebooting, current status and diagnostics, EDID fixes, F/W updates and remote control of systems can all be performed from a remote screen.

Tool #4
Beautifully designed free source and display control

uControl is a beautifully simple IR remote app for AV control in every room, included free with certain MHUB matrix models, offering source & TV control via the matrix using integrated patent-pending IP2IR technology. uControl has removed a significant barrier to purchase - the need for the additional hardware and additional expense of a dedicated third party control system.


Augment existing control systems uControl can be used in parallel with other control systems, replacing the need for costly physical remotes or control panels in lesser used rooms. Thus reducing the overall cost of the complete solution without sacrificing functionality for the end-user.