When hardware meets software. MHUB-OS is the operating system onboard all MHUB systems enabling fast setup and advanced configuration to HDA services like HDA Cloud & uControl.

No programming

No Programming

Designed with every day use in mind, MHUB-OS has been designed to be easy to use with neatly laid out explanations & wizards to complete even the most hardest tasks easily.

MHUB-OS is consistent


MHUB-OS is available on all MHUB systems and feels the same experience across the entier range. The OS is accessible through ANY browser device.

MHUB-OS is connected to HDA Cloud

Cloud Connected

MHUB & MHUB-OS is IoT connected meaning that is can harness the power of the cloud to offer more features like remove monitoring/management.

Setup in minutes & then Setup forever

Turn on MHUB for the first time and you will be greeted with MHUB-OS' first boot sequence. Eight steps are all that's required to get the MHUB connected to HDA Cloud, setup remote monitoring and management and start watching TV.

From there, the MHUB will manage it's updates, will allow you to make changes without ever needing to visit the property and quietly control all the AV that is connected to it.

Online demo

Give us 20 minutes to impress you with our online demo and see for yourself why MHUB-OS is the most sophisticated matrix/multiroom OS in the market.